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Presentation of the Caving Club of Zaghouan - Tunisia

The Caving Club of Zaghouan is a Tunisian Caving Club situated in the city of Zaghouan. It is a pool of people, ideas and resources to serve its members and their passion of potholing.

Grotte Tunisie

History of the Caving Club of Zaghouan

Late seventies, establishment of the club by the Frensh Alpin Group and Mr Kamel GMATY from Zaghouan.

1994 revival of the club with the help of Mr Mohsen KHAMAR

1995 locate and explore caves on the Zaghouan karst (25 premiers)

1996 improvement training on caving technics by the Frensh Caving Association

1998 twinning with the Belgian club “SpeleoHades”, this allows many expeditions on 1998, 1999 and 2000:

  • Search for the main water collector of the Zaghouan mountain
  • Depth record of Tunisia: La Mine cave (305 meters) and the extension of the grand chimney in the same cave (600meters).
  • Depth record in the Karst of Zaghouan: cave “Quatre Fous” (250 meters).

2001 training on caving rescue in Belgium

2002 the club has represented Tunisia by two representative members in the International Potholing Union

2003 Participation to Paleoclimatologic and Paleohydrologic projet in Tunisia : « New data for the recent Quaternery » with the french laboratory of climate sciences and environment in collaboration with geochemistry and paleoclimatology of Sfax (Tunisia)

2004 : Expedition with the Lubjana Caving Club from Slovenia.

2007 twinning with the Caving Society of Avignon (France)


  • To provide a legal framework for caving
  • To contribute to the development Caving in Tunisia and North Africa
  • To advocate caving activities to the local authority
  • To inform the public about the underground in Tunisia
  • To encourage development activities and scientist research related to the caves
  • To attend to the respect of the cave’s environment and protecting it


  • To participate in events on the development of caving
  • To organize technical and scientist events (congresses, seminars….)
  • To participate in national and international caving events
  • To edit and disseminate materials and technical documents
  • To conduct training and refresher courses
  • To respond to any request or expert consultation on potholing.


Caving Club of Zaghouan is a Tunisian Caving Club. The Caving Club of Zaghouan allows you to discover caves in Tunisia with wonderful landscape: Another world right under our feet.

Caving Club of Zaghouan  - 1100 Zaghouan-  GSM: +216 22 882 532 E-mail : [email protected]

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